Custom ‘Back In Black’ Yamaha Stryker

Custom ‘Back In Black’ Yamaha Stryker

Change your life style with this beautiful custom motorcycle from Low and Mean. This turn key ride will gain you instant popularity and style points with any fellow motorcyclist. Throwing a leg over the seat, airing up the proven suspension and starting the motor on this beast will take you away from the normal grind and into the next dimension with an attitude. This custom Star Stryker has a full list of custom parts built and assembled by Low and Mean. We can ship Worldwide.

The stock motorcycle sells for $11,590 and there is over $9,000 in bolt on items, you can get the complete package for only $21,000 without shipping.

Want to recreate? Here’s a list of products:

  • (LM-04S-205) Front 23″ fender — $285 painted Raven black $320 = $555
  • (LM-04S-210) Rear fender with LED brake, running & turn $485 + Paint $420 = $895
  • (LM-04S-18529) V&H Pipes $800 + Ceramic coat $200 = $1029
    (LM-65021) V&H FuelPak = No longer available
  • (LM-04S-1005) Performance Air intake $225  and (LM-UF-1000GB) filter all black = $299
  • (LM-04S-610) Custom Speedo face = $45
  • (LM-PAS-1713-BFYSS) Air Ride with (LM-PAS-81283) Remote = $1249 Without Remote $1049
  • (LM-04S-100) Chin Radiator Cover = $315
  • (LM-04S-730) Fat Fork Tube kit = $99 (LM-SC-101) Fork Gaiters $50
  • (LM-04S-720B) Flat Fork Caps = $50 Black no longer available
  • (LM-04S-TR-CV) Front turn signal kit and bottom tree cover = $180 Paint Extra
  • (LM-04S-350) Swingarm cover extension with lights = $250
  • Additional LED’s wired in to improve rear running turn and brake = $100
  • Avon Cobra Tires: 23″ front and 240mm rear
  • RideWright Wheels: 23″ front (SMT Machining is another reputable wheel company)
  • Custom Leather Seat = $525
  • Custom pin striping = $200

Contact us at to  make your Star Stryker look like this one.

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