Bearing and Seal kit Suzuki M109

Bearing and Seal kit Suzuki M109

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LM also offers a bearing and seal kit for the frame neck. If you’ve got a lot of miles on your ride, or if you’re installing triple trees, then consider replacement bearings and seals as well. They’re easier to install while your bike is already torn down and no sense in using old parts with the new ones. Always feel free to view our instructions on-line.

Installation directions

  • This product fits:the Suzuki Boulevard M109
  • Installation time: 1-2 hrs

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Are these bearings the same as the stock ones?
    Yes, same style but the quality is better.
  • Do I need any special tools?
    It’s a little tricky without the right punches, we suggest having an assortment of sizes and shapes to help make installation easy. You will need a punch that is very long to reach from the opposite side of the neck.
  • Is there a different bearing for the top or the bottom?
    No they are both the same.
  • Are the seals different than the stock ones?
    Yes, we suggest using the new seals, unless you think your stock ones are still good. This kit does come with seals so you’ll have them just incase.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 10 in


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