Highway pegs for the Star Bolt

Highway pegs for the Star Bolt

Price: $199

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These LM Hwy Peg kit offers a simple cost effective way to move your foot position forward 11″ on the Yamaha Bolt. This product comes with a glossy black finish, the pegs have knurled ends with a bit of Low and Mean attitude. Made from Steel brackets and billet aluminum pegs, with a glossy power coat finish.

What you need to know:

  • This bolt-on product does mount between the exhaust and the front down tubes. So aftermarket exhaust may interfere, we will update what fits and doesn’t as we test more exhaust systems. NEW, We have checked them on the Vance & Hines Twin slash 2 into 2 and it fits tight, but it fits.
  • These Hwy pegs will support your feet but they are not considered engine guards.
  • Sit on your motorcycle and place your foot as far forward as possible, if your ankle reaches past the shift or brake pedal then these Hwy pegs will work for you.
  • This will not work with our Forward Controls LM-04B-850

Installation directions

  • This product fits: Yamaha Star Bolt
  • Installation time: 1 hour

Download manual for Honda Fury and 1300 custom line

Frequently Asked Question

  • Will these Hwy pegs protect my motorcycle if it falls over?
    These pegs will slow down the fall, but they will not completely save your motorcycle.
  • How much further forward are the pegs from the stock foot pegs?
    These Hwy pegs are 11″ further forward from the stock peg location.
  • Are these Hwy pegs easy to install?
    Yes, it’s very simple, but if you are not mechanically inclined then have your local shop install this item.
  • Does this kit come with everything I will need?
    Yes, this is a true bolt-on product, no cutting, welding or grinding to install.
  • What do the guys on the forums say?
    Click here http://www.yamahastarbolt.com/low-and-mean/hwy-pegs-for-the-yamaha-bolt


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 2 in

2 reviews for Highway pegs for the Star Bolt

  1. 5 out of 5

    Just ordered the Highway Pegs so I can’t say what they are like as far as comfort, this is in reference to order in general. Could not make order online so I called and spoke with Brian and he hooked me up. If the highway pegs are like their customer service 5 STARS all day and I’m sure they are no questions. Norman March

  2. 5 out of 5

    Love the pegs. The bolt used is a direct replacement for the motor mount, so these suckers ain’t going ANYWHERE. I’ve seen the brackets on crash bars snap clean in half…not cool. These are as solid as it gets. I’m about 5’11” and they are far enough forward that they provide relief from the mids and allow the rider to stretch out. The only suggestion I have is that they could use some grit or rubberized texture on the outside knurled portion of the pegs, allowing for less slippage. It’s not like the pegs have veggie oil on them, but they could definitely use some sort of grip to give a more secure foot placement. Solid work fellas. I’ll be back for my gaitors and fat fork tubes for sure!

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