Hexagon Gas Cap Ring for the Star Bolt

Hexagon Gas Cap Ring for the Star Bolt

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The Bolt Gas Cap Ring is a great way to customize your Yamaha Star Bolt. This item is molded to fit around the gas cap and it does flow to the shape of the gas tank. This gas cap ring accent attaches to the gas tank with magnets and then is held down by the gas cap. The Hexagon design helps take away from the very tall look of the stock gas cap. This product is made from a very strong urethane construction with a black finish. Color matching is available. Featured on our Copper Bolt build.

What you need to know:

  • The Bolt Gas Cap Ring is very easy to install.  Just remove the gas cap from the gas tank and set the ring in place with the arrow pointing up.
  • This product does come with magnets molded in to the back side and you’ll see an arrow for suggested position.
  • The product is made from Urethane, from our testing this material is gas resistance.
  • This part comes in a black finish.

Yamaha Bolt Installation directions

  • This product fits: Yamaha Star Bolt
  • Installation time: 5 min.

download manual

Yamaha Bolt Frequently Asked Question

  • Will the Bolt Gas Cap Ring effect the gas cap itself?
    No, the Bolt Gas Cap Ring fits nice and tight around the gas cap.
  • What if I get gas on this product?
    It’s no problem, but leaving gas on the Bolt Gas Cap Ring without wiping it off right away might damage it.
  • If the Bolt Gas Cap Ring is so easy to remove will it fall off when I ride?
    No, the gas cap holds the Bolt Gas Cap Ring in place and can only be removed when the gas cap is removed.

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