Honeycomb Screen for STOCK Radiator VTX 1800

Honeycomb Screen for STOCK Radiator VTX 1800

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LM’s Honey comb screen adds that extra custom look to your stock radiator. Comes precut to the inside shape of the stock radiator cover and the supplied LM super glue is to bond these screens to the backside. Installing these screens is easy and quick with the supplied instructions. Always feel free to view our instructions on-line under each manufactures category. This fits the Stock radiator cover on the Honda VTX 1800.

Installation directions

  • This product fits: the Honda VTX 1800 stock radiator cover
  • Installation time: .25 hr

Download Manual

Frequently Asked Question

  • Does this screen replace my stock radiator screen?
    No, this Honey Comb screen fits on top of the stock screen and pinches between the two plastic sides.
  • Do I need to glue this screen in?
    No, but we do offer super glue to give you that option.
  • Can the Aluminum screens be painted?
    Yes, please contact your painter for those details.
  • Does the screen help block road debris from coming inside the chin area?
    Yes, We suggest having the Reaper or Long front fenders to protect your bike from debris as well.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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