Honeycomb Screens for Kawasaki Mean Streak Stock Radiator and Chin Scoop

Honeycomb Screens for Kawasaki Mean Streak Stock Radiator and Chin Scoop

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Honeycomb Screens add that extra custom look to your stock radiator and chin scoop for the Kawasaki Mean Streak. The Honeycomb Screens are made from aluminum and they come preformed to the Chin Scoop and to fit the stock radiator cover. This kit is supplied with fast-hardening super glue so you can bond these screens to the fiberglass. Installing these screens are quick and easy with the supplied instructions. Always feel free to view our online instructions below, so you’ll know more than before.


  1. This product has two different sides: Rough and smooth. You will use smooth facing out.
  2. Screen kits are cut to size but are not pre-formed to fit.


Installation directions

  • This product fits: Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500 & 1600 stock radiator and LM Chin Fairing Scoop
  • Installation time: 30 minutes

Download Manual


Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I glue this part in without painting?
    Yes, but for that show finish we suggest painting this part first to match your bike.
  • Can I install this over my stock radiator screen?
    Yes, but it looks better when you remove the stock radiator screen.
  • Can the aluminum screens be painted?
    Yes, please contact your painter for those details.
  • Does the screen help block road debris from coming inside the chin area?
    Yes, we also suggest having the Reaper or Long front fenders to protect your bike from debris as well.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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