Intake Adapter for Honda 1300 Custom

Intake Adapter for Honda 1300 Custom

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Low and Mean is attacking the Honda Custom Line with the vision of making our product line look aggressive with great function. The Spike Intake adapter has the sharp edge lines like the motor with an evil like spike styling. This Spike adapter covers all the stock wiring, sensors and components, it fits perfectly between the cylinder heads and flows up to cover the ugly top motor brace. The Spike Intake adapter was designed to adapt the Harley Davidson 3-bolt style air filters to the Honda Sabre, Honda Stateline and Honda Interstate. Don’t let the name fool you as the adapter will work with all 3-bolt Harley Davidson CV carb air intake systems, AND the Spike Air cleaners. The Spike adapter is made from strong fiberglass composites, the standard finish is gel-coat black, and has a inner flat black finish. This kit comes with everything you need, Two breather filters, hardware to bolt on the aftermarket intake of your choice, hardware to bolt the adapter to the bike, and instructions. CHROME IS IN NOT STOCK.

If your interested in exhaust pipes that come across the engine, then the Stock Air Box will not work. This Spike adapter is the only adapter on the market for the Honda Custom Line that will adapt an aftermarket air filter.


Installation directions

  • This product fits: Honda Sabre, Honda Stateline and Honda Interstate
  • Installation time: 1 hr.

Installation directions

  • Do I have to change my stock Honda Custom pipes to work with this Spike adapter?
    No, you can use this adapter with the stock exhaust.
  • Do I have to buy a Air cleaner called the Spike?
    No, you can use any air cleaner as long as it has the popular 3 bolt pattern.
  • Can I reinstall the Stock air box at anytime?
    Yes, you will be able to reinstall the stock air box if you wish.
  • Do you offer a complete air system for the Honda Custom Line?
    Yes, we have complete kits available. (See related items below for more details)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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