Reaper License Plate for the LM Raider Rear Fender

Reaper License Plate for the LM Raider Rear Fender

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LM’s Star Raider “Reaper Rear” fender is a masterpiece in design and functionality. Now you have another option for your license plate. Your looking at the Reaper license plate tail. Comes with a LED white light and hardware to install to your LM Rear fender. The Reaper tail will not work with the stock fender. The part is made from a very strong hand laid fiberglass construction, and the finish is gel-coat which is ready to be sanded for primer and paint. We also offer a few different finished options that you can choose from above.

What You Need to Know:

  • The part does not have a finished surface, there is a gel-coat finish that is meant to be sanded for primer and paint, so it may come with a few minor surface scuffs.
  • Chrome is not available.
  • The bolt holes for this part do not come pre-drilled. Both the fender and this part need to be lined up with the frame and clamped together when the bolt holes are drilled,  this will give you the customizing option of the bolt hole placement.


Installation directions

  • This product fits: the Star Raider 2008-Current
  • Installation time: 30 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this product come ready to bolt-on?
    No, you will need to drill into your LM fender so the supplied hardware does sit flush with the surface of the fender.
  • Can I use this fender with a wide tire?
    This fender can handle any tire that will fit on to the stock rim.
  • How does this License plate holder mount?
    We send hardware with this kit to help assist with install. However, you can bolt glue screw or fiberglass this item to attach for your needs.
  • How does the license plate hold into place?
    We have created a slide in section that holds the license plate nice and firm.
  • Can I put lights on this Reaper Tail?
    Yes, you can add additional LED’s to increase visibility in your ride.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 4 in


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