Single Braided Brake Line for Suzuki Boulevard M95

Single Braided Brake Line for Suzuki Boulevard M95

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LM’s Extended Single brake line for the Suzuki Boulevard/Marauder. If you’re looking for a solution to replace your stock brake lines, look no further than our performance single brake line. Installing aftermarket triple trees tend to push out the front tire. We have design this Extended Single brake line to work with our 7 degree triple trees. LM’s Single Brake Line allows elimination of the left side rotor and caliper, thus opening up the front wheel for more of a custom look. Performance is not an issue with the single braided line, stopping power is as good, or better, than the stock brake lines with two calipers. This product comes with SS Braided line, durable clear outer tubing, polished SS fittings, and cap ends. Removal of left side brake caliper is suggested.

Installation directions

  • This product fits: the Suzuki Marauder/ Boulevard 1600
  • Installation time: .5 hr

Frequently Asked Question

  • Does this Single brake line perform as good as the duel brake lines?
    Yes, we have notice performance is better than the duel stock plastic brake lines. We suggest using top quality brake fluid and proper bleeding when installing.
  • Do I have to remove the brake rotor on the left side (shift side of the bike)?
    No, but this Single brake line was designed to run along the right side of the forks to use the right rotor. We did this so both front and back rotors are on the same side (brake lever side of the bike). One side or the other should be removed.
  • Will this product handle the rain or any weather?
    Yes, this Single brake line has polished SS ends, SS braided with clear protective cover. This cable will work under most conditions.
  • Can this Single brake line work with the stock trees?
    Yes, but the lenght will be a little long. We design this to work with the 7 degree triple trees.
  • Is this single brake line SE approved for Highway use?
    No, this cable clearly says for Off-road or show purposes. But any cable manufacture that offers an aftermarket line is also not SE approved for highway use. This standard is very expensive for approval, and is not necessary for aftermarket product. This standard was designed for big OEM’s to follow. Our brake line has been tested and used for the past 2 years in extreme conditions without fail. Of course we can not control the installation of this product, so please have this product professionally installed.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 1 in


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