Stryker Chin Radiator Cover

Stryker Chin Radiator Cover

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The Low and Mean Radiator Chin Cover is a master piece of style and function. When is comes to making that big difference when bolting on a product, nothing will come close to dramatically improving the looks like this Radiator Chin Cover for the Star Stryker. This product is designed to be an upgrade from the Star Stryker stock radiator cover and will not fit any other model. Our product fits more to the frame and has a lower chin scoop design. The Chin Radiator Cover is made from a very strong hand laid fiberglass construction, and the finish is gel-coat black which is ready to be sanded for  primer and paint, but can be bolted on as is to match the frame. We also offer a few different finished options that you can choose from above. Made from a strong fiberglass construction, this product comes with hardware and instructions.

What you need to know:

  • The Chin Radiator Cover does not have a finished surface, there is a gel-coat finish that is meant to be sanded for primer and paint, so it may come with a few minor surface scuffs.
  • If you have highway bars on your Star Stryker they will need to be cut before the chin radiator cover will fit on your motorcycle.
  • This product does NOT fit the V Star 1300.

Installation Instructions

  • This product fits Star Stryker manufactured by Yamaha
  • Install time: 0.5 hr.

Download manual for Honda Fury and 1300 custom line

FAQ for Honda Fury and 1300 Custom Line

  • Do I have to add the Honey Comb screens?
    No, you can install any style screens you choose or no screen at all.
  • Will this part work with the highway bars on my Star Stryker?
    No, you will need to modify your highway bars by cutting them before this part will fit on your motorcycle.
  • Does the product come ready to bolt on?
    Yes, there no cutting or drilling needed. The finish should match the frame, but the product is meant to be painted.
  • If I order the Honeycomb screens do they come installed?
    No, this is a do it yourself kit and we will do a video install to show you how it’s done.
  • Do I need a professional mechanic to install this product?
    This is always suggested, but this depends on your own garage skills, please know your limits and watch our install video above.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 13 × 9 in


4 reviews for Stryker Chin Radiator Cover

  1. 5 out of 5

    this is the first aftermarket access. I have added to my 2011 Stryker and it was just the ticket to fill the dark void on the front of the bike.I painted it to match the impact blue and added the honeycomb screen and changed the overall look of the bike.Fitment was perfect and installation was a breeze.Thanks L-M, I’m looking forward to adding more acess. over the winter.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have the low and Mean Reaper front fender, the octagon gas ring and the low profile seat all making my Stryker look great. But it is this chin spoiler that makes my bike pop. Of any mod I’ve done to my bike this is by far the one that I get the most comments on from other riders.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Awesome design, perfect fit, accentuates the awesome lines of the Stryker, and quick shipping. I moved the dumb looking placement of the factory horn to one of the bottom holes behind the honeycomb screen and mounted with a little fabricated bracket. I also used a dab of silicone to secure the rubber washers to the radiator during the installation.

    Dan and Shawn (or Sean) go above and beyond and put the customer in “customer service”.

    Low and Mean is a great asset to the Stryker community.
    r/ Michael from So. Arizona

    • Thank you for the review Michael! Great idea on the horn placement. We love hearing from our customers 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5

    Very striking ( for my stryker )
    After receiving, I dulled the finish with a little sand paper. Then , using krylon all in one , I sprayed several small coats of hammered black. Decided to go a little farther with some pin stripe and a decal. Haven’t mounted it yet but just finished adding the screen as a final touch . Wanted to add a picture but not an option here.

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With our fiberglass products, we require you, or your mechanic, pre-fit the product to your motorcycle before painting or finishing. We have fixtures for accurate fit but sometimes parts may not fit. If you submit a claim that will require a replacement or refund, we only provide the value of the product(s) at the time of shipping.