V-Groove Black Coil Cover for the V Star 950

V-Groove Black Coil Cover for the V Star 950

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Low and Mean has made a very cool gloss black coil cover for the V Star 950. Here at LM we thought the stock coil cover looked like a bicycle helmet, so we designed and made a stylish coil cover in the shape of a V to fit between the cylinders and look strong. We also made the coil cover so it would fit closer to the motor for a much cleaner look and offer more leg room which will offer more comfort. The LM V-Groove coil cover will come with hardware and instructions.


  • LM Coil cover is to replace your stock coil cover and bracket.
  • Wires and one of the ignition coils will need to be rerouted to make this product fit properly.
  • Product is made from a thin stainless steel structure and more than strong enough to add style and function to your motorcycle.
  • Mesh shown in pictures is not included.
  • White/silver line only helps to show the product

  • This product fits: V Star 950 made by Yamaha.
  • Installation time: 1 hr

  • With the motor being air cooled and the coil being drawn closer into the motor will the coil get hot and burn up?
    The heat from the motor will not effect the coils function or durability. There are many items on and around the motor that are plastic connectors and wires that will share the same space. Routing the wires as suggested will help ensure your install will have the longevity results you’re looking for.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in

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