Product Release

Yamaha Raider Smooth Rear Fender with LEDs

From the inspiration of our Yamaha Stryker Smooth rear fender comes the Raider Smooth Rear Fender that keeps the ability to add the LM Raider storage compartment. The complimentary lines follow the tire making the raider look even more low and mean. With paint, you’ll be turning heads! The high end fiberglass construction offer high strength and less weight for the performance edge. Finishes for this fender start with our standard semi-gloss finish but can be upgraded to factory-matched* paint [...]

Yamaha Raider chin fairing

Yamaha Raider Chin Fairing

Our Star Yamaha Raider Chin Fairing is flows with the aggressive lines on the Star motorcycle. This product not only adds style, but function of protecting your bike from debris. You also have access to the oil filter without removing our chin scoop. This product is made from our HFC (Hybrid Flex Composite) material that with high chip and impact resistance. The glossy finish is ready to be for primer and paint just like any automotive bumper. The kit [...]

Victory HighBall Horn Cover

Victory Horn Cover for the Highball and More

We’re cleaning up the front of the frame with our Victory Horn Cover. This cover flows with the design of the bike and gives off the bike-show look. No more allowing the bolts that are underneath the horn to be an eye sore. As many riders know, many Victory models share many similarities making this cover a fit for most bikes, including the Highball. Installation is as simple as it sounds with one bolt to hold it on. The horn [...]