Bolt Megaphone Exhaust Slip-on

Bolt Megaphone Exhaust Slip-on

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This Megaphone Slip-on for the Star Bolt Exhaust will increase sound and add performance to your Star Bolt. This product replaces the stock muffler from the stock headers. The megaphone slip-on is super easy to install and will take minimal garage skills. Comes as a flat black finish with a hose clamp.  Featured on our Copper Bolt build.

What you need to know:

  1. The megaphone will need the OEM gasket to fit properly.
  2. The 02 sensor will need to be removed from the motorcycle when installing this exhaust.  The 02 sensor can be removed at the weather pack connection just in case you will ever need to reinstall this part.
  3. We recommend that you purchase a fuel controller with the megaphone other wise you take the risk of running your motorcycle to lean. We do offer few fuel controllers to choose from to help tune in your fuel injection system.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in
Megaphone Size

Regular, XL

1 review for Bolt Megaphone Exhaust Slip-on

  1. 5 out of 5

    Now my 2014 Star Bolt, I affectionately nicknamed Tara, given I am a diehard SAMCRO fan, sounds ridiculously Loud and Mean… But if you temper your wrist, it won’t piss off the neighbors. Believe me though, when you get on open road and open her up you can feel the megaphone amplify the low rumble of the Bolt’s 950 cc V-Twin into your bones, the motor becoming a part of you…rnrnPerfectly efficient way to drop about 20#s in the stock exhaust and gain a heck of a lot of attitude with this inexpensive $75 megaphone. Super easy for self install, just need some metric allen tools and a crescent wrench. rnrnIt only takes about 15 minutes to put on. I ordered just the megaphone knowing that it will likely run lean and backfire and I was surprised at how little it really does backfire without an additional fuel controller. rnrnMy plans are to purchase the airbox mods and fuel controller soon, but I wanted to get this cheap bolt on bad ass megaphone on to help my Bolt in the Loud and Mean department ;-)rnrnChris H (the dude from the videos) is super cool and easy to get a hold of if you have any questions and Kimberly in the front office was really nice and efficient. rnrnI live in San Diego and it was shipped on Thursday, received on Monday. rnrnDon’t forget to check out our Bolt forum!!! and my FB fan page should have some video clips soon too on our fan Youtube page:

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