Speedometer face options for Honda Fury


Speedometer face options for Honda Fury

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LM’s New Honda Fury Speedometer Faces are designed for that guy that wants his Fury to raise above the rest. Aggressive looking, lot’s of options, you can choose MPH, KPH, or both on the speedo. They come black with white and chrome look. Easy install makes this a very cost effective way to customize your bike.

NOTE: Please understand that some of these designs are being discontinued. If your choice is discontinued then we can offer you a different design.

What you Need to Know:

  • All Military speedometer faces come with MPH on top of KPH.
  • ATTENTION: Please be aware of which speed rating is over the other. For USA riders, we recommend MPH over KPH. For International riders, we recommend KPH over MPH
  • Any design not listed in the images is not available

  • This product fits: Honda Fury
  • Installation time: 30 minutes

  • Can I install this part, or should I have a professional handle it?
    Yes, you can install this if you have some basic garage skills. This part does take some steady hands and a couple of common tools.
  • Can I get these speedos in KPH?
    Yes, we can offer it in either MPH, KPH or both if you wish. MPH is the standard for USA and UK. Otherwise, KPH is the International reading.
  • Will it show the same speed as the stock gauge?
    Yes, it will not show any differences from the stock speedo face.

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